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Recap: ShowingTime Executive Forum 2019

On Aug. 13, 2019, more than 100 leaders from MLSs and associations gathered at the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the fourth annual ShowingTime Executive Forum. There, attendees were joined by ShowingTime CEO Scott Woodard, President Michael Lane, CIO Bill Kellogg and...

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Four Ways to Prepare for the Winter Season – Today

In the famous fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” a diligent ant toils throughout the summer to gather enough food to survive the looming winter, while a grasshopper spends all of his time singing. As winter approaches, the starving grasshopper begs the ant for some...

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Build Your Brand

When most people hear the word “branding,” they’re probably envisioning a cereal commercial or an advertisement for a new sports drink rather than a real estate professional. But branding isn’t just for consumer packaged goods companies – it’s something every agent...

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